Exhibition view / Installation, Robustesse et perfection KUNSTRAUM LAKESIDE, 2018

In her artistic practice, Agnes Fuchs appropriates a specific historical field and explores the after-images it is still producing today. Using painting, video, and installation, she reactivates on this symbolic level the scientific and technical tools that were responsible for the evolution of current digital technologies. For the exhibition she has conceived for Kunstraum Lakeside for example, titled Robustesse et perfection, Fuchs analyzes the cultural and historical implications of operating instructions, functional descriptions, and manuals for oscilloscopes, computers, power supply devices, and measurement apparatus from the late 1950s to the 1980s. ()

In the exhibition Robustesse et perfection she investigates the conditions of the post-digital that had their origins in the pre-digital age, illuminating in Lakeside Park—and thus within an art space embedded in a research center—the window of time that marked the transition from the analogue to the digital. By taking a fresh look at what are today simply taken for granted as the functions, appearance, or use of the selected devices, Fuchs pursues a kind of media archeology. In times when technological processes are increasingly being rendered invisible to us, this project is today more relevant than ever.

Text / Curator: Franz Thalmair, Kunstraum Lakeside
Agnes Fuchs – Robustesse et perfection

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