ca, 12 mins VIDEO/ DVD loop, 2009/11
"On occasion of a 2nd Post-Expedition Meeting, Expedition 313" 
Artist's contribution
Sutton Building, University of Utah,
Salt Lake City, USA, 2011

De/-reconstruction. Repetition. A video work on a sampling process, step by step gathering data.
At first sight denoting a diary or a documentary of the expedition is then turning into a non linear de-/reconstruction. Tending to be a non linear narration focusing on images, procedures and instruments, sequences or stills are used as visual information autonomously.


Nov-Dez 2009 /I received the opportunity to accompany the Sampling Party of Expedition 313
at Marum Bremen. Artist in residence, HWK-Delmenhorst, Institute for
Advanced Study
"art in progress" program.